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 Prozac (Ladose)   fluoxetine   Lilly   28 tabs (20 mg/tab)   60.00EUR BUY
 5 x Prozac (Ladose)   fluoxetine   Lilly   5x28 tabs (20 mg/tab)   300.00EUR 270.00EUR BUY
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5 x Prozac (Ladose)
  •  300.00EUR 270.00EUR
  • Buy 5 x Prozac (Ladose)

  • Product Name: 5 x Prozac (Ladose)
  • Manufacturer: Lilly
  • Substance: fluoxetine
  • Contents: 5x28 tabs (20 mg/tab)
  • Price:  300.00EUR 270.00EUR


This is Prozac (Ladose) special offer. For more information about this product view Prozac description.

5 x Prozac (Ladose) was added on Thursday 04 November, 2010

Before you purchase 5 x Prozac (Ladose):

  • Consult your physician, before you buy 5 x Prozac (Ladose).
  • Never stop, start, or adjust 5 x Prozac (Ladose) dose, without first consulting your doctor..
  • Learn about drug interaction and side effects before you order 5 x Prozac (Ladose).
  • Buy 5 x Prozac (Ladose)
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