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 Propecia - Proscar   finasteride   Merck   14 tabs (5mg/tab)   50.00EUR BUY
 2 x Propecia - Proscar   finasteride   Merck   2x 14 tabs ( 5mg/tab)   100.00EUR 90.00EUR BUY
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Propecia - Proscar
  •  50.00EUR
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  • Product Name: Propecia - Proscar
  • Manufacturer: Merck
  • Substance: finasteride
  • Contents: 14 tabs (5mg/tab)
  • Price:  50.00EUR


Propecia - Proscar (finasteride)

General information on Propecia Proscar

Propecia Proscar, with active ingredient finasteride, is used for treatment of baldness in men, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Testosterone gets converted in dihyrdrotestosterone (DHT) in males, which is the cause of baldness in men. The drug works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thus helping stop baldness. The drug works for baldness on the sides as well as on the top of the head. It is not known to work for a receding hairline. The drug is not for use in women and children.

Precautions/side effects of Propecia Proscar

Propecia Proscar contains the active ingredient finasteride. Patients allergic to finasteride should refrain from using this drug. Other than that, patients with liver diseases, prostate cancer, bladder muscle disorder or kidney disease should take this drug only after due consultation with a doctor.

The drug is also known to react with certain medications such as aspirin, Lipitor, niaspan, zyrtec and others. Patients taking vitamin supplements, other prescription drugs or over the counter drugs should inform the doctor accordingly before taking Propecia.

Propecia is harmful for the fetus. It can cause birth abnormalities in the unborn a child as well as cause complications in the newborn child. Thus, pregnant women as well as women who are breastfeeding should not be exposed to this drug.

Other than that, Propecia is known to cause certain side effects such as impotence, inflammation of the hands or legs, runny nose, redness of the skin or drowsiness. However, in certain cases, it can lead to severe side effects such as breathlessness, hives, inflammation of the tongue, throat or lips, discharge from the breasts etc. If any such symptoms show up after taking the drug, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Important safety information

  • Women or children should not be allowed to touch this drug with naked hands. The drug is known to penetrate through the skin and is known to cause abnormalities in pregnant as well as breastfeeding women and children.
  • The drug is known to increase the risk of prostate cancer. The risk factors should be discussed with the doctor before taking this drug.
  • Patients who have had an allergic reaction to Avodart in the past should refrain from taking Propecia.
  • Regular blood tests are important while on this drug to monitor the symptoms of possible prostate cancer.

Dosage of Propecia Proscar

Propecia is available as 1 mg tablets. The usual recommended dose of Propecia for treating male pattern baldness is 1 mg once daily. The dosage is usually given for a period of 3 months and is revised depending on the response of the patient.

The drug can be taken with or without food. The overdose of the drug should be avoided at all costs. If a dose is missed, it should be taken as soon as possible. However, it should not be clubbed with the next dose. Overdose of the drug can lead to severe complications such as high blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing etc. which need immediate medical attention.

Storage of Propecia Proscar

The drug should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. It should be stored at room temperature away from the reach of children and pets. The drug should not be allowed to freeze. If frozen, it should not be used.

Propecia - Proscar was added on Monday 09 February, 2004

Before you purchase Propecia - Proscar:

  • Consult your physician, before you buy Propecia - Proscar.
  • Never stop, start, or adjust Propecia - Proscar dose, without first consulting your doctor..
  • Learn about drug interaction and side effects before you order Propecia - Proscar.
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