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 Sustanon - Omnadren   4x testosterone blend   Jelfa   1ml vial (250mg/ml)   17.00EUR OFF
 Sustanon   4x testosterone blend   Schering-Plough (Organon)   1ml vial (250mg/ml)   18.00EUR BUY
 Sustanon - Sustainbolic ampules   4x testosterone blend   Asia Pharma   5 x 1ml amp (250mg/ml)   59.50EUR OFF
 Sustanon - Sustabol Inject   4x testosterone blend   British Dragon   10 ml (250mg/ml)   105.00EUR BUY
 Sustanon - Sustainbolic   4x testosterone blend   Asia Pharma   10 ml (250mg/ml)   119.00EUR BUY
 20 x Sustanon   4x testosterone blend   Schering-Plough (Organon)   20 x 1ml vial (250mg/ml)   360.00EUR 300.00EUR BUY
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Sustanon - Omnadren
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  • Product Name: Sustanon - Omnadren
  • Manufacturer: Jelfa
  • Substance: 4x testosterone blend
  • Contents: 1ml vial (250mg/ml)
  • Price:  17.00EUR


Sustanon - Omnadren (4x testosterone blend)

Notice: The information below is intended to supplement the information provided by medically trained and certified professionals.

Omnadren Info
Omnadren is an oil-based injectable containing a blend of four different testosterone esters: 30mg Testosterone Propionate, 60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate, 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate, 100mg Testosterone Caproate. Being a four-component testosterone, this drug is most commonly compared to Sustanon. While Omnadren does contain Testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate and isocaproate in the same strength as Sustanon, the last ester is different.

Side Effects
An increase in aggression, oily skin, unwanted body hair and male pattern baldness can all occur. Severe acne is also a common side effect.

Warning signs requiring medical attention
Warning signs include the retention of water and the onset of breast tissue in men.

Identifying the Steroid
Injectable form.

Sustanon - Omnadren was added on Friday 06 February, 2004

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