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Specials offers, Coupons, & Discounts

Shop smarter and earn 35% (or even more) off the regular price.

Special Offers

A variety of products in our catalog, are available for purchase in higher quantities, that are priced up to 30% (some even more) off the regular price.

New Discount Coupon A

  • Enter coupon code AUTUMN in redeem field upon checkout, for orders above 250eur, and earn additional 7% off

Discounts & Service Fees

Every customer is entitled to a discount, based on payment option and shopping cart value.

  • All MoneyGram payments 5% off
  • All Bank2Bank payments 5% off
  • All orders above 650eur 5% off
  • We cover MG service fees (see table below) up to $55

Moneygram service fees in USD
We'll cover these fees:

Orders from Orders to Service Fee
(what we pay)
$50 $200 $14
$200 $300 $18
$400 $500 $31
$500 $625 $38
$625 $750 $45
$750 $899 $55

Free Samples

We periodically offer Free Samples, for our first-time buyers.
Free sample offers are a good way to check our delivery success rate, response time, product quality and other questions you might have regarding our service.
These products are 100% free, you only pay (18eur worldwide) shipping costs.

Currently there are no free samples available.